“I Am Working America” across America

(Guest post by Barbara Helmick – thanks everyone for their amazing pictures! -Doug)

Working families are under attack across the country and Working America members, with courage and pride, sent photos to show they are one with these families. Eager to show our individual numbers quickly add up to power, these photos are just a sampling of the great people who want to show the powers that be, that we are strong, we are ready to act, and we are beautiful.

Fightin’ mad at Bush in Indiana

by Rabecca Gainey—Kentucky

Earlier this week George W. Bush was in New Albany, Indiana, to make some sort of B.S. speech criticizing Congress. Later that same day I was out canvassing in New Albany. I met a few people who were upset that Bush had come, and one man in particular was very mad. He was an older gentleman in his early eighties, and after I knocked on his door and told him why I was there, he signed up right away.

“I hope this makes a difference,” he said, “because that fool in the White House is making things terrible for everyone. He’s got a lot of nerve coming down here and acting high and mighty. I’ve got no use for him, if I had my way I would’ve been down there with a torch and pitchfork just like they did to Frankenstein in that old movie. That man’s a monster, I can’t wait until 2008 when America finally wakes up and gets him out of there.”

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Fighting for democracy

by Tom Lewandowski—Indiana

Tonight I knocked on the door a man in his late 60′s who had trouble walking. I had ignored the “no soliciting” sign on his door explaining I wasn’t selling anything. He walked out the door and sat down on a stool in the driveway as I gave him the rap. He listened, took the clipboard and signed. I asked him if he worked anywhere. He explained he was a retired US Marine Officer. I asked him what his proudest moment was. He said it was on his first tour of duty commanding those fine young American men Viet Nam fighting for what they thought was democracy. By his second tour he realized they were not fighting for democracy or the common good but the rich, the corrupt, and Lyndon Johnson’s ego. He put his hand on my shoulder and wished us the best of luck.

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“Dad, I think you ought to join.”

by Tom Lewandowski—Indiana

In a trailer park in Wolcottville last Thursday I signed up a guy in
a neatly decorated trailer and then talked to his visiting buddy
standing a few feet away leaning on his car. I started into my rap
which he and his 12 year old step-daughter had partially overheard. He was interested but then his daughter looked up at him and said “Dad, I think you ought to join.” She then explained her recent civics class lessons. He smiled and signed up for both of them.