“I Am Working America” across America

(Guest post by Barbara Helmick – thanks everyone for their amazing pictures! -Doug)

Working families are under attack across the country and Working America members, with courage and pride, sent photos to show they are one with these families. Eager to show our individual numbers quickly add up to power, these photos are just a sampling of the great people who want to show the powers that be, that we are strong, we are ready to act, and we are beautiful.

Canvassing in heaven, a.k.a. Iowa

by Curtis Neff—Michigan

Hello fellow Americans, my name is Curtis and I just finished a canvassing campaign in northeast Iowa. I have to say it was quite rewarding. We canvassed in areas needing our message. The cities and towns were Waterloo, Marion, Vinton, Marengo, Urbana and Shellsburg.

We found people working in factories for less than $10 per hour and worried about their futures. We found folks getting the rug pulled from under them on their pension plans. We spoke with people who had the face the threat of their jobs going to Mexico. This was fighting side of what we do.

The friendly side of what we do involves the “hey, come on in and sit down.” This happens in Iowa. We canvassed some towns of 600 people or less and it was everything Hollywood could attempt to make it seem. We met some of the feistiest yet friendliest senior citizens you will ever meet. I met a lady whose birthday was close to mine. She hoped to make it to 98. She looked about ten years younger and had my same spirit. I met a ton of conservatives who joked with me about who we individually were going to vote for but they still agreed with us on the issues and became members.

Iowa has national attention because it’s the state the politicians pander to in the electoral process. Iowans know it and it does make them more aware.

My last night in Iowa I was canvassing in Shellsburg, population 500. I was walking down Main Street where I met a man. He asked me what I was doing. I told him and he paused. He looked and it seemed like he was almost sad when he said, “Thank you.” His wife had already signed up a block before. I told him I was out for 28+ more members. He wished me luck. I told him, “I won’t need any luck. The people in this town are so great. I’m blown away by their laid-back greetings at the door.” Every door that night was a conversation and not a rap. I saw him at the end of the night, and he said with enthusiasm, “did you sign up as many new members as you wanted?” I said with a wide eyed smile, “yeah, and and then some!” It was a great finish to a great campaign.

I’m a proud Iowan and I would encourage anyone to visit here. It’s not a cakewalk so I don’t want you to be misled. It’s a rewarding experience encompassing small town values with progressive idealism from people willing to stand up for what is right. Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

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Outsourced in Iowa

by Chris Antonneau—Iowa

We were out talking to folks in Marion, Iowa about the outsourcing of American jobs. I ran into a middle-aged gentleman that told me about his recent employment. A few months back he quit a job he worked for many years because he was so upset about the amount of jobs they were shipping overseas. He can’t understand why they would continue to outsource without doing everything they could to provide that job to an American. Since he was well-qualified he did not have a hard time finding a similar position. It is a shame he had to quit his job he loved because of unfair business practices and corporate greed.

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