“I Am Working America” across America

(Guest post by Barbara Helmick – thanks everyone for their amazing pictures! -Doug)

Working families are under attack across the country and Working America members, with courage and pride, sent photos to show they are one with these families. Eager to show our individual numbers quickly add up to power, these photos are just a sampling of the great people who want to show the powers that be, that we are strong, we are ready to act, and we are beautiful.

New Jersey families count on Working America

by Andy Hartwig—Pennsylvania

No one enjoys working on a Sunday morning, but getting Paid Family Leave passed in New Jersey would make my lack of sleep completely worth it. It was about 2 in the afternoon when I decided it was about time to use the bathroom. I walked into a laundromat on the main drag of Collingswood, NJ. No luck with the bathroom, but a man across the street, working on his truck, asked me if there was anything I needed. Of course, I did. I needed his help by writing a letter to the NJ State Assemblypersons Greenwald and Lampitt in support of Paid Family Leave. He nodded his head, took my pen and began to write. He never said anything, except at the end when he added “I hope this will help.” He walked across the street back to his truck and his spouse. I looked down at the letter he handed me and began to read a truly heartfelt account of his personal struggle and his need for paid family leave.

In the letter, he explained that his wife had been losing kidney function over the past several years. She was about to need dialysis. There was nothing more important to him than the ability to take time off from work as she fought through kidney failure and looked for a donor of a healthy kidney. As I finished reading, I saw his spouse had joined him by his side. He kissed her cheek and yelled across the street “Keep fighting for us, we’re counting on it!”

I assured him that we most certainly will.

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Ohio canvasser visits New Jersey

by David Hinton—Ohio

I’m writing today to share my experiences while canvassing in New Jersey this fall.

The people I met in Pleasantville and Egg Harbor City were very nice, but many were distressed about the high taxes and relatively low amount of social programs being implemented to help the residents of their communities. The community in general was eager to know which candidates we were in support of to help get their community going in the right direction.

The residents of Margate and Mays Landing were interested in health care issues. Many made too much to qualify for government assistance but not enough to pay full premiums for their families. They expressed that they want to see reform of the privatized medical industry.

It was a pleasure and privilege to walk and talk to the residents of New Jersey. I look forward to visiting them again!

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