Rep. Mike Coffman: Who Do You Work For?

Working America members to deliver thousands of furlough notices, petitions calling for end to privatization and radical corporate agenda.

(Aurora, Colo.) – On Thursday, Aug. 22, at noon, members of Working America and AFGE will deliver petitions and furlough notices from government employees and Colorado constituents to Rep. Mike Coffman’s office, calling for him to end his privatization efforts and end the shifting of public assets to fund a corporate agenda that paid for his re-election.

The event is part of the “Rep. Mike Coffman: Who Do You Work For?” campaign to educate Coloradans about the representative’s radical legislative agenda to privatize programs like Social Security and Medicaid and, most recently, his efforts to privatize the work of the Department of Defense.

WHO: Members of AFGE and Working America, constituents, organizers

WHAT: Lobby event at Rep. Mike Coffman’s office to ask “Who Do You Work For?”

WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 22, noon

WHERE: Rep. Mike Coffman’s District Office: 3300 S. Parker Road, Cherry Creek Place IV, Suite 305, Aurora, Colo. 80014

CONTACT: Ianthe Metzger: 202-538-2026, [email protected]
Kevin Pape: 440-724-6980, [email protected]

Working America, a national organization for working people without a union on the job, has 3 million working-class members who fight for good jobs and a just economy. Check out our brand new Web tool,

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Working Coloradans Mobilize to Hold Rep. Mike Coffman Accountable for Privatization Efforts

Working America members will be launching the “Rep. MikeCoffman: Who Do You Work For?” campaign to educate their fellow Coloradans about the representative’s radical legislative agenda to privatize programs like Social Security and Medicaid, and most recently, his efforts to privatize the work of the Department of Defense.

“Rep. Coffman seems to feel that it’s more important to give tax breaks to corporations and focus on unnecessary privatization than try to bring jobs to his district,” said Working America State Director Kevin Pape. “He’s not looking out for Coloradans, and it’s time we let constituents know who he really works for.”

During the campaign, members will be collecting petition signatures fromCoffman’s constituents telling him that they do not support his privatization efforts and will hold a public event for petition delivery. They will also be hosting media events and submitting letters to the editor educating Coloradans about Coffman’s attempts to sell off public assets and shift tax dollars to the huge corporations that funded his campaign.

Working America has more than 125,000 members in the state of Colorado.

For updates, follow @WorkingAmerica on Twitter.

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Working America Delivers Holiday Letters Urging Rep. Coffman to Save Jobs, Post Office

Tuesday afternoon State Rep. Joe Miklosi of Colorado State District 9, a small business owner, and members of the community gathered at the Fletcher Post Office branch in Aurora to urge lawmakers, including U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), to support common sense legislation to save the post office, stop the closing of over 3,700 branches of which the Fletcher branch is one which would cause the potential firing of over 100,000 workers.

Working America member, and small business owner, Taylor Poole said at the event, “If Rep. Coffman doesnt fight to save the post office, Ill have to drive to the next town over, get and pay for a new PO Box, change my address for everything at home for my family and change my address for everything at work.”

The U.S. Postal Service is a critical part of the American economy that delivers mail, medicine, and packages on time and at an affordable price – without a dime of taxpayer money. The group gathered to send Rep. Coffman an early holiday present in the form of letters from his constituents, all urging him to save the Post Office and over 100,000 jobs.

Cindy Kirby of the National Association of Letter Carriers, said, “Congress needs to act to save the Post Office! If they dont, the American people risk losing the services that they have taken for granted over the past 100 years. The solutions put forth by Congressman Coffman and others in Congress are not reasonable and will devastate working class communities like the one we are in today!”

Rep. Coffman’s constituents understand that the Post Office’s financial issues are a result of a Congressional mandate to prefund future retiree benefits for 75 years. This is a burden that no other government agency has to face. Reasonable legislation will deal with the pre-funding mandate and does not have to involve the closing of branches and processing centers, the ending of six-day delivery and the firing of over 100,000 workers. Rep. Coffman has the authority to step up and pass reasonable legislation that addresses the pre-funding issue but he has said nothing and has indicated that he supports the radical proposals put forth by the Post Master General last week. Working America hopes that hearing from his constituents will change his mind.

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