He didn’t seem that happy about it

by Carissa Lovelace—Kentucky

Today I spoke to one of our members, a man in his mid-forties, and I asked him what I ask everyone: what’s your most important issue, what do you do for a living, and who are you planning to vote for? He answered that health care was his most important issue, he was unemployed, and he was voting for Steve Beshear, the labor-endorsed candidate for governor here in Kentucky. I said that he didn’t seem too happy about that, which he didn’t, to which he replied that he wasn’t. He explained that his job at a local chemical plant had recently been outsourced due to its inability to unionize, and that his son, who has special needs, was not receiving the proper medical attention.

The kicker was, he was a registered Republican and had voted the party line his entire life. This election would be the first time he voted for a Democrat. He said he couldn’t justify voting for a man that was doing nothing but hurting the middle class, and that it would be sheer ignorance for him to vote for Ernie Fletcher, the Republican incumbent governor, again.

I assured him that not only would Beshear be better for the job, but that Working America would do its best to hold him accountable once elected. He cracked his first smile of our conversation and I wished him a good night.

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